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APTA Articles

Fred Hagen - Early Philatelic Entrepreneur                                        (2011 APTA Yearbook)
Dawson A. Vindin. Australia's first philatelic entrepreneur?              (2009 APTA Yearbook)

Philately of Epic Proportions


The Donald Harkness remarkable Kangaroo franking                 (Stamp News November 2012)


From sunny Carribean to sunny Sydney                                        (Stamp News March 2009)
Poland's Marshal Pilsudski's 1939 visit to seaside
   Elwood Victoria                                                                         
( Stamp News February 2009)
The former Gilbert & Ellice Islands, to Australia                            ( Stamp News January 2009)


Japan to Australia by airmail in early postwar years                    (S tamp News December 2008)
Gambia. Philatelic or Commercial?                                              ( Stamp News September 2008)
The Eagle lands, in Vaucluse, no less.                                           ( Stamp News August 2008)        
From Kelantan Malaya to Ernie's little Audrey                              (Stamp News July 2008)
Great Britain. A stroll down Nostalgia Lane.                                  (Stamp News May 2008)
Henry B. Smith achieves philatelic immortality                            (Stamp News April 2008)


Belgium to Australia. Highest denominations 
always welcome on board. 
                                                    ( Stamp News October 2007)
From Canada, with political flavour                                               ( Stamp News September 2007)
Paris to Sydney in the Golden Age of Airmail                               (Stamp News August 2007)

A lot of cover for a quid!                                                                ( Stamp News July 2007)
With thanks to unknown staff member at Department of
   Minister of Labour and National Service                                    
( Stamp News June 2007)
Philately as Art from the US, Rambo-style!                                    (Stamp News May 2007)
Unlikely to be exhibited any day soon                                           (Stamp News April 2007)

Woodchip-free Zone


A round with the Australian auction houses                                  (Stamp News August 2013)
Hardy Kangaroos: cursory observations                                          (Stamp News July 2013)
Usage. Philately's most important aspect?                                     (Stamp News June 2013)
Airmail overload                                                                             (Stamp News May 2013)
"Where's ya One Pound Seahorses?"                                           (Stamp News April 2013)
New Publication with multiple applications                                  (Stamp News March 2013)
Timing. It can be handy.                                                             (Stamp News February 2013)
Mostly the Morgan Collection                                                      (Stamp News January 2013)


They would be amused.                                                             (Stamp News December 2012)
Sideline collection suggestions.                                                (Stamp News November 2012)
Survival by design, or by chance? Some observations.               (Stamp News October 2012)
Covers, fully loaded                                                                    (Stamp News September 2012 )
Airmail arriving: "Fasten your seatbelts"                                      (Stamp News August 2012)
Philatelic significance and value for money: some suggestions    ( Stamp News July 2012)
Aussie high denomination frankings                                             ( Stamp News June 2012)
NZ higher denominations on cover: where are they?                    ( Stamp News May 2012)
Pericles results up there, but still good value in KGVI                   (Stamp News April 2012)
What's "good"?                                                                               (Stamp News March 2012)
Multiple milestones                                                                      (Stamp News February 2012)
Covers that tell a story                                                                   (Stamp News January 2012)


Australia's 1970s Painting Series                                                  (Stamp News December 2011)
PNG and neighbouring Solomon's                                               ( Stamp News November 2011)
New Zealand's noble "Queen on Horseback" series                     (Stamp News October 2011)
"A Special Delivery "                                                                    (Stamp News September 2011)
"A Great White, in your swimming pool"                                       (Stamp News August 2011)
eBay. One's that got away                                                              (Stamp News July 2011)
Australian cover prices on move, good value still abounds           ( Stamp News June 2011)
A Tale of Two Collections                                                              (Stamp News May 2011)
Usage. Is this the next big 'thing' in Philately? (Revisited)             ( Stamp News April 2011)
Highly recommended Australia Post products                               ( Stamp News March 2011)
Recent Auction Action, and General                                              ( Stamp News February 2011)
'Kevin Nelson' Australian covers auction                                       ( Stamp  News January 2011)


Five suggested 'don'ts' and a 'do' for 2011                                    (Stamp News December 2010)
Regional Postal History: great subject for a sideline collection    (Stamp News November 2010)
GB QEII Usage. Now there's 'a great challenge'                           ( Stamp News October 2010)
PNG Decimals. Stamp usage before Self-Government                  (Stamp News September 2010)
On-line auctions for cover enthusiasts                                          (Stamp News August 2010)
Usage, with attitude                                                                      ( Stamp News July 2010)
What's hot? Try Decimal stamps on cover, for one.                       ( Stamp News June 2010)
Suggested model for a Usage collection                                      (Stamp News May 2010)
More newsworthy usage realisations at auction                           (St am p News April 2010)
Hong Kong's 1st QEII series. Good choice for a usage study.         (Stamp News March 2010 )
Australian Decimal usage. Encouraging auction results.               ( Stamp News February 2010)
Add hundreds of covers to your collection, in the tens                 (Stamp News January 2010)


A good excuse for collecting the World                                       (Stamp News December 2009)
Fiji revisited                                                                                 (Stamp News November 2009)
QEII £SD solo franking usages                                                      (Stamp News October 2009)
An even dozen usage results at auction                                      ( Stamp News September 2009)
KGV Heads usage: Part II                                                             (S tamp News August 2009)
Up for a new collecting challenge? How about KGV usage?       (Stamp News June 2009 )
Recent auction action                                                                  (Stamp News May 2009)
Queensland's Propaganda Envelopes initiative of the 1950s        (Stamp News April 2009)
Looking for 'sleepers'? Try Usage of 'seventies above
base rate Commems of Australia.                                              ( Stamp News March 2009)
Don't forget to write!                                                                    (Stamp News February 2009)
Air mail stamps. Made to fly.                                                         (Stamp News January 2009)


No f inancial c risis in Philately                                                   ( Stamp News December 2008)
'78 Trees usage material doesn't grow on 'em                             ( Stamp News November 2008)
What's 'good'?                                                                             ( Stamp News October 2008)
1966 Decimals complete including Coils                                     ( Stamp News September 2008)
Ten more Usage Collection suggestions                                      (Stamp News August 2008)
Clarrie King. Putting more fun in Philately                                 ( Stamp News July 2008)
Sand dunes. Once scoffed upon.                                                 ( Stamp News June 2008)
Spotlight on Solos                                                                        (Stamp News May 2008)
1966 Decimals Part II. The "Fish" and "Birds"                               (Stamp News April 2008 )
Kangaroos, again                                                                        (Stamp News March 2008)
'Have a go at covers in '08', and don't be stingy!'                        ( Stamp News February 2008)
British Empire KGVI. Great subject for a Usage Collection          ( Stamp News January 2008)


Kangaroos. With a twist.                                                               ( Stamp News December 2007)
Navigating Australia's first Decimal series                                    (Stamp News November 2007)
1988 Panorama higher values. Where have all the covers gone? (Stamp News October 2007)
'Seldom seen Solo'                                                                       (Stamp News September 2007)
Australia 1978-84 Birds. An overview of their usage.                     ( Stamp News August 2007)

'Once were a buck, buck and a half'                                             (Stamp News July 2007)
PNG 1994 Emergency overprints and their usage                           ( Stamp News June 2007)
The 1969 Primary Industries series. Their usage.                           ( Stamp News May 2007)
The 'Gray' Kangaroos, Of course!                                                  (Stamp News April 2007)
Evolution of collecting Decimals - Featuring 1968 'Flowers' usage (Stamp News March 2007)
Usage of the £sd Birds                                                                    (Stamp News February 2007)
The 'Arms' Series 1949-64 - When a Pound had real buying power ( Stamp News January 2007)


Ten collecting suggestions for '07                                                (Stamp News December 2006)
A Review of the past four years                                                   (Stamp News November 2006)
Usage of the 'Beef' set                                                                 (Stamp News October 2006)
Value buying in 2006 (and beyond)                                              (Stamp News September 2006)
Philatelic or Commercial                                                              (Stamp News August 2006)
Self-adhesive stamps of Tonga.                                                    (Stamp News July 2006)
PNG. Usage of the Early Photogravure issues                               (Stamp News June 2006)
Usage. Is this the next big thing in Philately?                              (Stamp News May 2006)
'A million bucks and nothin' to show for it'                                    (Stamp News April 2006)
'He chose wisely'                                                                           (Stamp News March 2006)

Germany (West), with acknowledgment to Mr Stadly                    (Stamp News January 2006)


King George VI - When common becomes uncommon (Part II)   (Stamp News December 2005)
Big covers. More bang for your buck.                                            (Stamp News November 2005)
Should you be more aquisitive in your collecting?                      (Stamp News October 2005)
Money not scarce at Baillie Sale                                                   (Stamp News September 2005)
Norfolk Island commercial usage. Try finding these in a hurry.    (Stamp News August 2005)
Looking for a new collecting challenge? Try meter stamps.         (Stamp News July 2005)
A selection of Pacific Explorer 2005 'finds'                                   (Stamp News June 2005)
Le style Francais                                                                          (Stamp News May 2005)
And now for something completely different!                               (Stamp News April 2005)
Fiji. The way the world should be.                                               (Stamp News March 2005)
King George VI - when common becomes uncommon                (Stamp News February 2005)
The "Florin and treybit" Commems of the Sixties                         (Stamp News January 2005)


Try this at home in '05!                                                                  (Stamp News December 2004)
'Not Quite Right' - when defective is better                                   (Stamp News November 2004)
Kangaroos on cover yet to leap                                                   (Stamp News October 2004)
A gaggle of good reasons to leave stamps on cover                     (Stamp News September 2004)
Australia Post has the speed you need                                        (Stamp News August 2004)
Will covers out-perform stamps during the next 50 years? (Part II) (Stamp News July 2004)
Will covers outperform during the next 50 years? (Part I)            (Stamp News June 2004)
‘Sleepers’-a-plenty from PNG                                                        (Stamp News May 2004)
The Best of their kind                                                                    (Stamp News April 2004)
Plenty of challenge in moderns                                                    (Stamp News March 2004)
1988 Stamps hard-to-get on cover - but not in a Year album          (Stamp News February 2004)
Do yourself a favour in '04.                                                            (S tamp News January 2004)


If you like it and can afford it, go for it!                                          ( Stamp News December 2003)
Dare to be philatelically different? Then covers might be for you (Stamp News November 2003)
Decimals: fun for the more faint-hearted                                       (Stamp News October 2003)
A pot-pourri                                                                                    (Stamp News September 2003)
Collecting suggestions from left field                                            (Stamp News August 2003)
Frugal but nevertheless fun.                                                          (Stamp News July 2003)
Cover + Postal History = increased character and value               (Stamp News June 2003)
Woodchip Free Zone                                                                                             (Stamp News May 2003)
Woodchip Free Zone                                                                      ( Stamp News April 2003)    
Little Unsung Heroes of the QEII Reign                                           (Stamp News March 2003)
An Xmas pot pourri under the whip                                               ( Stamp News February 2003 )


QEII £SD covers a worthy challenge.                                             (Stamp News December 2002 )
For these high values - "Big is beautiful"!.                            (Stamp News November 2002)
Sneaking value from 'worthless'' KGVI stamps                  (Stamp News September/October 2002)
Covers revive the thrill of the chase!                                        (Stamp News July/August 2002)
How postal usage impacts on scarcity                                      (Stamp News June/July 2002)

Rodney's Ravings



Miscellaneous Columns


Rod Perry Confesses "Ten reasons why I love covers "                  (Stamp News April 2005)